Medical Disclaimer

Charissa Sims is not a medical practitioner and she does not provide medical advice.  Please contact your medical provider for any information on diagnosing and treating your pain, disease, mental health symptoms or illness.  The information provided during a session is for entertainment purposes only and the person receiving the session needs to follow the advice of their medical provider.

Results Disclaimer

With Spiritual Healing, results vary with every person.  In fact, sometimes your life may seemingly get worse but this is part of the healing process to confirm that you no longer want that as part of your life.  Your relationships may shift where some are attracted to you and others are repelled that used to be your circle of friends.  Money blocks can be removed to create more income, but you still need to take action on the divinely inspired thoughts to move you forward in your life. It is a wild ride and only book a session with Charissa if you are ready to take personal responsibility as she merely activates your own healing abilities and empowers you to heal yourself.