Do you have pain that you've tried to mask and can't get relief? 

Are you feeling tension in your body due to stress or emotions?

Are you an entrepreneur or employee that is burned out and working from home? 

Do you have a hard time taking time out for yourself?

Come to our Virtual All Day Event to Connect with Others, Heal and

Get Inspired! 

May 19th, 2021 8am-2pm MST

This is the ultimate event to revitalize your life and be inspired to move forward to live the life of your dreams.  Bathe in the 528Hz Love Frequency and listen to Healing Music together to raise our vibration!


Here is what you might experience:


  • Heal from toxic relationships to live a life of peace and freedom

  • Alleviate depression and anxiety

  • Relief from pain after removing the source

  • Remove negative energy so you can live your best life

  • Set up their workstation to eliminate pain and increase energy


Here’s what one of Charissa Sims' clients had to say after a session:

"Charissa is amazing.  Her gifts are truly amazing. I'm so super excited to see how my life will enfold. I love my life now and very grateful for my blessings so far. She's the real deal. I can't thank her enough. I want everyone to feel happy joyous and free like me now."


I want you to thrive and live an inspired life.  Take time for yourself and have an inner peace and knowing that you are on the right path.  Be bathed in music, love and connection.  Invite Friends, unplug for the day, take your phone or computer outside and enjoy the sun and nature while connecting with others.


Included with conference fee of $88:  Signed copy of my book:  Change Your Energy Change Your Life, Free Mini Reading, Free one-on-one healing, Recording of the event if you can’t make it live.  A percentage of the proceeds go to benefit Life House Project, No Refunds for the event but you can apply it for healings and other events.  Event Limited to 20 attendees.   RSVP and Event Registration Ends May 18th 8pm MST.  


Register Now

(Link Provided upon Registration)



Pre-conference: 8am MST Yoga

8:40am Break

9am:  Conference Introduction

9:05am: Introductions and sharing

9:15am:  Meditation

9:30am:  Invocation and song from Rafana Healing

9:45am: Activate and Expand Intuition

9:55am:  Intuitive Readings

10:15am: Connection and sharing

11am:  Healing Relationships with live healings and meditation

12:00pm Lunch

12:20pm Set up your office workstation for comfort

12:40pm Healing Pain with meditation 

1:30pm Sharing and Closing Thoughts

2pm End Conference

This is a special day on May 19th.  The Number 19 is used as a symbol of faith. It means that people who have faith in divine forces will have better lives, full of love and peace.


About Charissa Sims










Charissa Sims is the host of the International Podcast, “You, Inspired”, #1 Amazon Best Selling author of Change Your Energy Change Your Life, Best Selling Children’s book author, entrepreneur, mom, teacher, corporate consultant and spiritual healer.  While working with the top Fortune 100 companies for the past 20 years, she discovered the root of pain in the body is not always physical.   In the past, she has been a professor at the University of Southern California. Ms. Sims has worked with Amazon, Google, FOX, NBC Universal, and many more thousands of companies, non-profits and schools.


Intuitive Card Reading


Kim Somers Egelsee







Kim Somers Egelsee is the #1 best selling author of “Getting Your Life to a Ten +” and “ Living the Ten+ Life,  a multi award winning confidence expert,intuitive  TEDx speaker, international inspirational speaker and speaking coach, life coach, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Podcast host, author and columnist. She specializes in helping people get every area of their lives to a “ten plus”, exude confidence, connect authentically and discover their life’s purpose. Kim speaks at over 65 events, meetings and workshops per year. or


The Yoga Muse











Laura Jane (aka: L.J. + the Yoga Muse) is a therapist, teacher, writer and speaker who leans in on topics that are near and dear to her heart. She is passionate about helping people discover new ways to deepen their connection between joy and living a fully present life, in every aspect; mental/emotions/physical/spiritual. She helps her clients connect to their deepest truths and create a path that leads them directly to their own genuine happiness. She is the author of two Yoga Lifestyle + Practice books:: ‘Feel Better NOW’ and ‘Simple Everyday Prenatal Radiance’. Both of her books are available on Amazon. She loves creating inspiring videos that spread joy, a higher level of consciousness and a connected lifestyle.



Keala Rafana Music





We are Ena and Howard and we utilize music, ceremony, and presence, within community, to help you master the moment and remember who you are. For the past 20 years we have been making music and facilitating transpersonal transformational retreats and workshops for an international community.  After hundreds of experiences and thousands of conversations with participants we have magnificent tools you can easily master. Awaken to your purpose and truth: Let go of your mental suffering and remember the radiant being that you are, to bring that radiance to life.

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1.  Can I bring a friend? 

Yes, you can invite a friend and they will need to have their own ticket so that they can log into Zoom.  If they are a roommate or family member in the same house, you can share your ticket!

2.  Will I feel the effects of the healings over Zoom or the phone? 

It depends!  Some people are more open to healing effects than others.  Healing happens on the Spiritual Plane and can happen remotely!  Believe in Miracles, it is your time.

3.  What if I can't make it live? 

The event will be recorded and emailed to you after the event.  Also, you can choose what topics are most interesting to you, you don't need to come all day!  You may also just purchase the recording of the event for $77.  Email me to purchase after the event at:

4.  What do I need to bring to the event? 

It can be helpful to light a candle during the healings and meditations.  Some people like to journal as many inspiring thoughts happen during an event like this!