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Discover true empowerment through a deeper spiritual connection with yourself.  With Charissa’s healings, Body, Mind and Spirit are integrated into one.  


Charissa identified a financial block for me and my business.  After the healing, we crossed a new threshold earning over $400,000 in revenue for the first time ever!  Thank you, Charissa


After 20 years of back pain, it went away after Charissa did a five minute healing on me. It was my sister that needed to be released. Amazing! -Karen

80% of my Depression and Anxiety is just gone after one session with Charissa.  I have tried everything for the past ten years.  Her healings really work! -Georgia

I feel more relaxed, calm and confident after my healing with Charissa. I'm excited about my life now! -Jane

A wonderful experience full of meditation, healing, and laughter. -Kim

(Testimonial for an event)

Charissa is amazing.  Her gifts are truly amazing. I'm so super excited to see how my life will enfold. I love my life now and very grateful for my blessings so far. She's the real deal. I can't thank her enough. I want everyone to feel happy joyous and free like me now.


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