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Come to my group called "Boulder Area Meditation and Healing Group" which you are welcome to join our in-person or virtual meetings.  It was created to uplift our souls, so that we may rise to our greatest potential in relationships, family and financial success. We hope you join us for these transformational events!

OCTOBER 30th, at WeWork in Boulder.


Join Charissa and Zan for October's Sacred Side of biZness. This workshop is designed for anyone that has a business or an idea for a new business that they would like assistance with. We will connect with one another, discuss potential blocks in our lives, do some exercises, meditate and do a group healing to remove the blocks that may be holding you back from living your best life in regards to your business. This will be an interactive workshop where you will ignite your ability to heal yourself and your life. Charissa will be doing BLOCKAGE REMOVAL as part of the event, and she will have books available for those who want more details on how to do it yourself.

The Event is at the new WeWork. It will not start until 6:00pm but the doors lock at 6:00pm so you need to arrive before 6:00pm or let either Charissa or Zan know so we can let you in after hours.



Wework Boulder, 2nd Floor Common Area
28 Canyon Blvd.

Parking at the Hilton for a fee or free across the street at the Mall. Please note: The building will be locked at 6:00pm so we will be letting people in the door after 6:00pm but please arrive no later than 6:15pm. If you are late, please text us at

About Charissa: Charissa Sims is the Author of #1 Amazon Best Selling book : Change Your Energy, Change Your Life: 10 Ways to Change Your Energy Now. She is also a children’s book author, healer, coach, meditation teacher and host of the Podcast, You, Inspired . In the past, she has consulted in health to top tech companies such as Google, Amazon, Riot Games, Symantec and 100s of others.

Testimonials for Charissa: “Loved this last podcast with the beautiful meditation at the end. I saw trauma evaporating out of the palms like Divine Mist!” –L.G.

“For over two years, I have suffered from various issues and pain that doctors could not figure out. After one healing session, I feel 75% better. Amazing!” -K.E.


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