5 Ways to Reduce Stress

During this time of the CoronaVirus, it can be stressful whether it's losing a job, not connecting with friends or family and just being in the unknown.  I'll give you five tips that can help reduce stress and embrace the present moment!

1.  Breathe:  When you take a moment, right where you are and inhale through your nose while keeping your mouth closed it can help your body relax.  Breathing through your nose purifies the air coming into your body.

2.  Sleep:  Get a good night of uninterrupted sleep that is different for everyone.  Most people need 6-8 hours of sleep for the body to recover and heal during the night.  

3.  Eliminate Caffeine:  Take out coffee and caffeinated tea to help reduce stress and lower cortisol levels.

4.  Meditate or Be Mindful:  Before you get out of bed to start your day, spend 10-20 minutes connecting to your spirit.

5.  Spend time doing what you love:  Exercise, Hike, Cook, Write, Connect with friends.  It's time to honor yourself and what you really need to do on a daily basis.  Connecting with nature, placing your feet on the grass can really help reduce stress as well.

There are many other things that can help reduce stress such as taking appropriate supplements, eating the right foods, eliminating sugar, etc.  I just wanted to touch on a few reminders that we can easily integrate into our day now.  For more ideas, see my Bestselling book:  Change Your Energy, Change Your Life:  10 Ways to Change Your Energy Now.

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