Change Your Energy, Change Your Life

Change Your Energy, Change Your Life is a handbook for you to change your energy, no matter what challenges you face in your life.  Throughout the book, there is journaling, meditations and physical actions you can do to help you move through any issue you’re facing right now.  I include stories of healing from my family, myself and my clients to share and show that you are not alone! 


We are all having a collective experience and we can heal our lives, once we are awake and aware.  Enjoy and please reach out if you’d like to continue your healing journey with me.  I honor you and your journey on this planet.


“Deep, powerful and helpful! Overall it is extraordinary! I’ll have it by my bed and access it regularly.”

-Kim Somers Egelsee


Life Coach and #1 Best Selling Author of

Living The 10 + Life

“I love the wisdom and insight that you share in your book. A lot of what you shared I completely resonate with.”

- Tangee Veloso

Connection Life Coach for Moms and Parents

Author of Taming Your Wild Child

Sierra and the Unicorn Farm

Sierra and the Unicorn Farm is a Fantasy, Heart-Warming Story about a girl who knows there is more to life and sets out to find it! Join Sierra on this exciting adventure where she finds Unicorns and a Magical Land. Sierra can say that she truly believes in magic and the power of her own creativity!

Sierra, The Super Strong Sheep

Sierra, The Super Strong Sheep was inspired by my strong, warrior daughter Sierra born the year of the sheep in 2015.  Upon it's release in November 2017, the book became a #1 Amazon Best Seller in it's category!  The book is currently available in Paperback and Kindle on Amazon.  Signed paper book copies available upon request.  

Sierra The Super Strong Sheep helps children who want to discover their unique gifts and their inner strength. Sierra was a special sheep that did not follow the crowd. She wanted excitement, adventure and to be just like the others! What will Sierra do when she comes across something that threatens to destroy her village? Join Sierra the sheep on discovering her gifts as she finds the courage and strength to save her village.

Kinley The Water Dragon

Kinley The Water Dragon was a book inspired by the birth of my first son, Kinley.  He was born in 2012, the year of the "Water Dragon" on the Chinese calendar. He was born in the water during a natural child birth. Kinley's name was given to his father in a fertility temple in the Himalayan country of Bhutan. These themes permeate through the story. This book was warmly dedicated to Kinley, my husband and partner, Colin for his unending support and to Dr. Masaru Emoto, whose appreciation for water and impact to our planet was immeasurable.  Kinley The Water Dragon was supported by a successfully funded by a Kickstarter campaign and self published.  It is currently available on Amazon in hard cover only.  Signed copies available upon request! 


Charissa will do a special reading for Sierra the Super Strong Sheep, Sierra and the Unicorn Farm or Kinley The Water Dragon and sign books for the students during her visit. Limited to classrooms in the Boulder/Denver area. Best for kids in Preschool-1st grade. Classroom Pre-order forms will be sent two-four weeks prior to the reading. Looking forward to reading with your children!

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