Break Free

21 days to Live Your Best Life

Detox and Rejuvenate your Body, Mind and Spirit

Finally, A Step-by-Step, Done-For-You Cleanse That Helps Increase Energy, Boost Confidence and Transform Your Body Without Deprivation or Compromise!

  • If we could show you how to lose weight and boost your self-esteem without starving or giving up delicious food in just 21 days, would you be interested?

  • Are you tired of suffering through cleanses and Detox diets that have you losing a few pounds but gaining them right back afterwards?

  • Can you imagine creating a life you’re proud of in the body of your dreams by investing just minutes a day?

  • Imagine starting your day, relaxed, energized and stress free with helpful tips and meditation practices

  • Changing your habits can be effortless with Spiritual Healing and Daily Practices

  • Live and Recorded Coaching and Healing Calls

  • Focus on increasing abundance in your life, better fitness and improved relationships through our complete Break Free program

You Are Not Alone

Every year, millions of people go on some sort of a Detox program. They go on juice cleanses. Detox pill cleanses. Drink only lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper cleanses. In the end, they often feel worse, regain the weight they lost (if any), and are more toxic than ever only to repeat the cycle over and over again with yet another quick-fix cleanse.

Sometimes, people go on a physical Detox but forget about their spiritual side.  It needs a Detox too! A Detox from bad relationships, lack of abundance, family history or anything that may be holding them back in their lives. Let’s transform your physical and spiritual side to break free from whatever is holding you back from living your best life!

We’re Here To Put A Stop To The Madness!

Maria Mizzi, a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and expert in the field of cleansing and detoxification, will lead the way. She helps people detox using a simple, step-by-step solution that focuses on the body, mind and soul so you can lose weight, boost your confidence and live a life filled with optimal health, energy and joy!  


She’s been studying detoxing, nutrition and the human body for years and discovered the shocking truth about cleansing.  Here are just some of the testimonials from Maria’s clients:


“I’m so excited... Maria really helped me.

I had my annual physical yesterday! My good cholesterol’s up, bad down. My blood pressure is finally NORMAL! And the doctor told me not to lose any more weight. I love Maria and my results!”

-Michele B., Redondo Beach

“I get so many compliments about how much I am slimming down. There are days I message Maria just to let her know I received another compliment or that my tight pants are now loose. Maria has a very unique ability of knowing exactly what I need and incorporating it into my lifestyle. Maria has helped me change my relationship with food. Maria has helped me love to exercise. Maria has helped me believe in myself. Maria has helped me love myself!”

Melissa T., Tampa

“Maria helped me understand that food is nourishment for my body. Having been on hundreds of fad diets/weight loss program and losing weight only to gain it back (and in different places I might add); I knew it was time to figure out how to change the way I thought about food and learn how to make small changes that would be effective and that I could keep doing. I lead a very busy life and I’ve ate on the run for many years so I had to put my baby shoes on and take it step by step. I’m still not perfect (and I know I never will be) but with Maria’s approach and her guidance, I went from a size 12 to a 6!”

Sheri F., Redondo Beach

"Having Maria as my personal trainer was the best choice I made. A year and a half ago I found I was no longer satisfied with my body. I had gained 2 dress sizes and lost all of my tone. I have three children and with each one my body changed. I would try a new gym and never stick with it. After meeting with Maria and agreeing she would be my trainer Everything changed! She motivated me through a genuine enthusiasm to see me hit my goals. When I told her I was running my first 5k, Maria ran it with me. Maria made the difference for me, I have seen the results… and I am Hooked. Maria is an asset to anyone's workout!!!"


About Maria and Charissa

Since then, Maria has helped many people, just like you, transform their bodies and lives for good.  This program is online and will include live and recorded calls to support you through this amazing Spiritual and Physical Detox.  We will include questions and answers sessions and be there to support you the entire program. For more about Maria, go to her website


Maria has partnered with Charissa Sims, a #1 Best-Selling Author and Healer to help you break free from whatever is holding you back in your life.  Recently, she released a #1 bestselling book called, “Change Your Energy, Change Your Life: 10 Ways to Increase Your Energy Now”. She has had success with her clients in healing family issues, anxiety and depression and bringing more abundance into their lives (happiness and money).  

About The Class

The online class will be a total of 21 days and will include a live coaching call and healing session via video conferencing application, Zoom or via audio.  Note: This is an ongoing online class that occurs on the first of every month. The sessions are recorded and you can watch at anytime with one live coaching call and healing.  We will include a private Facebook page where you can ask us questions and give us feedback along the way.

Introducing:  Break Free

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